Chapter-2; Book by Sheikh Imran N. Hosein
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Jerusalem In Quran; Chapter-2; Book by Sheikh Imran N. Hosein

Israel Palestine Conflict is almost a 100 years old and recent development is only a precursor of what was planned a long time ago. Sheikh Imran N. Hosein has written the Book "Jerusalem in Quran" some two decades ago and he stated that the book could not have been written until this era, since it is only over the past few years that the concealed plans of the Jews have come so clearly into view that few can doubt that there is a Jewish plan for world domination. Here is Chapter-2, for the readers of Bangbox Online, for the alternate opinion on the matter that is falsely spread by Zionist Jews dominated media.


By Imran N. Hosein


Chapter 2


“And there is a ban on (the people of) a town which We destroyed: that they (the people of the

town) shall not return (to reclaim their town) until Gog and Magog are released and

(eventually) they descend from every height (or spread out in every direction).”

(Qur’an, al-Anbiyah, 21:95-6)

(When Gog and Magog do so they assume control over the world and rule the world in the

World Order of Gog and Magog).

It is strange, mysterious, and enigmatic, … that the name of the city ‘Jerusalem’

(Arabic ‘Quds’ or ‘Bait al-Maqdis’) does not appear in the Qur’an! Yet so many of the

Prophets mentioned in the Qur’an had links with that Holy City, and in it is located

that only other House of Allah, apart from those built in Makkah and Madina, ever

built by a Prophet of Allah, Most High. Not only is that House of Allah (Masjid al-

Aqsa) mentioned in the Qur’an but so, also, is the miraculous night-time journey in

which Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) was taken from Makkah to

Jerusalem and to that House of Allah. Perhaps the reason for this mysterious treatment

of the subject is located in the Islamic view that Jerusalem is destined to play a central

crucial role in the Last Age. Hence there was, perhaps, a divine need to cloud the name

of the city, as well as its destiny, with a sacred cloud that would not be lifted until the

appropriate time had come, and Jerusalem was poised and ready to play its role in the

End of History.

This, perhaps, explains the almost total absence of Islamic literature on the subject

of the destiny of Jerusalem, something to which Dr. Ismail Raji al-Faruqi referred

when he lamented: “Unfortunately, there is no Islamic literature on the subject” (see

Ch. 1). The fact is that no one could have written on this subject until that time arrived

when the cloud was lifted. This book was written in consequence of the conviction that

the cloud is now being lifted.

When the Jews rejected Jesus (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) as the Messiah and

subsequently boasted that they had killed him (see Qur’an, al-Nisa, 4:157), they

remained convinced that the advent of the Promised Messiah (and with him, the return

of the Golden Age of Judaism) was still to come. They believed that the return of that

Golden Age required, among other things, the following:

Ø that the Holy Land would be liberated from the control of Gentiles,

Ø that the Jews would return to the Holy Land from their exile in order to

reclaim it,

Ø that the State of Israel would be restored,

Ø that the Temple (or Masjid) would be restored for the (Jewish) worship of the

God of Abraham,

Ø that Israel would eventually become the Ruling State in the world in a

manner similar to that achieved in the age of David (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa

sallam) and Solomon (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam),

Ø that a Jewish King, who would be the Messiah, would rule the world from the

throne of David (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam), i.e., from Jerusalem as the ruler

of Israel, and finally

Ø that his rule would be eternal.

Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) declared that one of the major signs of

the Last Day was that Allah Most High would deceive the Jews by raising and sending

against them one who would impersonate the Messiah and lead them to believe that

the Golden Age was returning. But, instead, that ‘False Messiah’ would lead them by

exquisite deception to the greatest divine punishment ever inflicted upon any in

Allah’s creation. Al-Masih al-Dajjal or Dajjal, the False Messiah, who is known by

Christians as the Anti-Christ, was created by Allah Most High and would be released

into the world in the Last Age to accomplish this mission. Now consider the following:

· The Holy Land was ‘liberated’ (i.e., from a Jewish perspective) from Muslim

‘gentile’ rule when the British General, Allenby, conquered Jerusalem in


· Israelite Jews have now ‘returned’ to reclaim the Holy Land after their

divinely ordained 2000-year exile. This has occurred exactly as the Qur’an

declared 1400 years ago that it would happen at the ‘End Time’. The

remaining Caucasian Jews in USA and elsewhere seem destined to soon

reach there;

· A state of Israel was ‘restored’ in 1948 and it lays claim to being the ancient

State of Israel;

· An Israel which is armed to the teeth with an arsenal of nuclear … weapons

seems destined to exploit the Palestinian Intifada … and the September 11th

Mossad attack on America (which created conditions favorable for Israel)

with a war in which Israel will defy USA, Europe, the UN, and all the rest of

the world, to take control of the entire region in which it is located. That

Israeli war is likely to witness the expansion of the territory of Israel to that

promised in the Torah, i.e., from the river of Egypt to the river Euphrates.

With success in that act of defiance of the entire world, including USA,

and with the predictable collapse of the US dollar and US economy,

Euro-Israel would finally have graduated from dependency, first on the

British and then USA. The Euro-Jewish State would finally replace USA and

Britain as a military and financial super-power of the world …;

· The predictable destruction of Masjid al-Aqsa and the reconstruction of the

Jewish temple on the site would then take place. The prediction of the

Prophet Nathan who declared, “the Messiah would build a House for God” (1

Chronicles 17:11-15), suggests the destruction of the present Masjid.

All of this [would] appear very much to Jews as the fulfillment of prophecy

pertaining to the return of the Golden Age when Solomon (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam)

ruled the world from Jerusalem. From the perspective of this book, however, none of

the above could have been accomplished without the intervention of Dajjal, the False

Messiah. Therefore all of the above constitute deception. The Holy State of Israel (first

established by Prophet Solomon) has not really been restored. Rather, an impostor

Israel is in the place of the real Israel. It is clear to this writer that the cloud has now

been lifted and that the ‘End Time’ has arrived ... That, perhaps, is the reason why the

writing of this book at this time is possible. The Qur’an explains all of the above.

The Qur’an referred to Jerusalem, time and again, as a ‘city’ or ‘town’ – but without

naming it ... This appears to have been part of the divine cloud that shrouded the

subject of the role of Jerusalem in the Last Age. For example, the Qur’an referred to

that occasion when the Israelite Jews worshipped a golden calf while their Prophet,

Moses (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam), had gone up Mt. Sinai in consequence of a divine

summons. The Qur’an warned that such worship of other than Allah Most High …

would result in divine punishment:

“Those who took the (golden) calf (for worship and thus committed Shirk) (and

whoever thereafter commits Shirk) will indeed be overwhelmed with wrath from their

Lord and with shame in this life: thus do We recompense those who invent (falsehoods

against Allah).....”

(Qur’an, al-‘Araf, 7:152-3)

The Qur’an continued to describe the event while the Israelites were still in Sinai,

and before they were allowed to enter the Holy Land, and declared:

“We divided them into twelve tribes or nations. (Then) We directed Moses by

inspiration when his (thirsty) people asked him for water: ‘Strike the rock with thy

staff’: out of it there gushed forth twelve springs: each group knew its own place for

water. We gave them the shade of clouds and sent down to them manna and quails

(saying): ‘Eat of the good things We have provided for you’: (but they rebelled): to Us

they did no harm but they harmed their own souls.”

(Qur’an, al-‘Araf, 7:160)

It was after this that the Qur’an then referred to Jerusalem simply and mysteriously

as a ‘town’:

“And remember it was said to them ‘Dwell in this town (i.e., Jerusalem) and eat

therein as ye wish but say the word of humility and enter the gate in a posture of


(Qur’an, al-‘Araf, 7:161)

There is another more ominous and mysterious reference to Jerusalem as simply a

‘town’ in the following passage of the Qur’an:

“And there is a ban on (the people of) a town which We destroyed (and the

inhabitants were expelled) that they (i.e., the people of the town) shall not return (to

reclaim the town) until Gog and Magog are released and they (eventually) descend

from every height or spread in every direction.”

(Qur’an, al-Anbiyah, 21:95-6)

When then descend from every height, or spread out in every direction they, in

effect, assume control over the world and rule the world in the World Order of Gog

and Magog.

In order to determine the identity of the ‘town’ referred to above we examined all

the material that exists in the Qur’an and Ahadith that pertain to Gog and Magog. We

found only one town that is linked to Gog and Magog, and it is Jerusalem (see Chapter

10 of Pt. 1). Hence we concluded that the town referred to in the above verse of the

Qur’an is Jerusalem!

When we recognize Jerusalem as the ‘town’ it would then become clear that the

cloud over Jerusalem in the Qur’an would be lifted only when Y’ajuj (Gog) and

M’ajuj (Magog) are released and when they eventually descend from every height or

spread in every direction (i.e., they take control of the world in the World Order of

Gog and Magog). The return of the Israelite Jews to the Holy Land confirms that

Y’ajuj (Gog) and M’ajuj (Magog) have already been released, have already descended

from every height, or have already spread out in every direction, and therefore have

already taken control of the world. The World Order which today rules over the world

is the World Order of Gog and Magog. Indeed it is Gog and Magog who made the

return of the Jews to the Holy Land possible.

It is now possible for us to anticipate the grand design through which Dajjal, the

False Messiah, would continue to convince the Jews that he is delivering the return of

the golden age. That grand design appears to have commenced when Dajjal sallied

forth from Britain (see Hadith of Tamim al-Dari in Sahih Muslim) to transform

European civilization into a post-Christian and essentially godless civilization, and to

endow it … with the power to achieve whatever goal it chose to pursue. Then the plan

witnessed the creation of the Zionist movement. Zionism, in turn, established the State

of Israel. The plan seems to include eventual Jewish control over the entire region in

which the Holy Land is located, and that would be a step towards the world dominion

that Dajjal must deliver in order for the Jews to accept him as the true Messiah. At the

very heart of the grand design for the region must be the control over wealth and over

water. Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) has explained the link between

Dajjal and Riba, and between Gog and Magog and water!

The Israelite Jews have returned to the Holy Land. That return could not have been

possible without modern western civilization (in which Britain played the most

conspicuous role). And hence it is also now clear that not only did Dajjal, the False

Messiah, sally forth from the island of Britain, but in addition, that Gog and Magog are

located within European civilization.

From ‘Jerusalem’ to ‘The Holy Land’

The mystery of Jerusalem in the Qur’an is compounded by the fact that the Holy

Book sometimes refers to the city ‘Jerusalem’ synonymously with the ‘Holy Land’ (as

in … Surah al-Anbiyah, 95-6) and then proceeds to refer to the ‘Holy Land’ in the

same mysterious way in which it referred to ‘Jerusalem’. For example in Surah Banu

Israil the Qur’an declared that it was the destiny of Banu Israil that they would

commit Fasad (i.e., destructive corruption) in the Holy Land (al-Ard al-Muqaddasah)

on two occasions. But the Qur’an did not refer in the verse to the Holy Land by name.

Rather the Qur’an referred to it simply and enigmatically as ‘the earth’ or ‘the land’:

“And We gave (clear) warning to the Children of Israel in the Book that twice would

they commit Fasad on ‘the land’ and be elated with mighty arrogance (and twice

would they be punished)!”

(Qur’an, Banu Israil, 17:4)

And then when the Qur’an addressed the crucially important subject of the divine

conditions for inheritance of the Holy Land, again it referred to it simply and

enigmatically as ‘the earth’ or ‘the land’, and not as the ‘Holy Land’:

“Before this We wrote in the Psalms after the Message (i.e., the Torah given to

Moses): My servants the righteous shall inherit ‘the land’.”

(Qur’an, al-Anbiyah, 21:105)

Finally, the Qur’an refers to a moment in time when Allah Most High would raise

D’abatul ard (a ‘Beast of the Earth or Land’):

“And when the Word is fulfilled against them (i.e., Banu Israil) We shall produce from

the land a beast to (face) them (Banu Israil). He will speak to them for the people did

not believe with assurance in our Signs.”

(Qur’an, al-Naml, 27:82)

This ‘Beast of the Earth’ or the ‘Land’ is, like Dajjal and Gog and Magog, one of

the major Signs of the Last Age. It is clear that the word ‘land’ or ‘earth’ with

reference to the Beast is no other than the ‘Holy Land’.

And so, when Allah Most High is prepared to commence His punishment of the

Jews, He raises a ‘Beast’ in the Holy Land’. This ‘Beast’ is readily identifiable as no

other than the modern Jewish State of Israel.


(This book can be ordered from Islamic Book Trust at

Sheikh Imran has talked on the subject extensively and here is one video. The reader may find many related video by Sheikh Imran on You Tube.

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