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Want to eat something creamy ,juice and tender.. Try out this Marry Me chicken recipe! you will definitely fall in love with it!

The taste of Marry Me Chicken is rich, flavorful, and creamy. It is stated that if you prepare this chicken meal for your lover, he will immediately ask you to marry him. This recipe is very family-friendly and everyone loves it even kids, this creamy chicken is sure to satisfy your taste buds! This delicious recipe just requires a few simple ingredients and 30 minutes of your time to prepare.


This recipe is very easy and quick and only requires 30 minutes so if you have an unplanned dinner you can easily make it with the ingredients listed below: • Chicken breast pieces are sliced into half to make them thinner. So that It can cook easily on the stove without the need of an oven. • Heavy cream and Parmesan cheese for a super creamy and flavorful sauce. Avoid using milk pack cream or single cheese slice it won’t thicken the sauce consistency. • Garlic as it makes everything taste better. • Chicken stock cube to add rich flavors to the chicken pieces you can also use vegetable stock if chicken is not available that also works fine. • Olive oil and butter for browning the chicken use olive oil and butter to add some flavor. You can even use the oil of Sundried tomatoes for flavor it’s totally up to you. • Flour, salt, and pepper for the chicken coat to get that crispy golden crust. • Sundried tomatoes are the special ingredient of this recipe. • Chili Flakes, Oregano, and Thyme to add flavor to chicken. • Fresh basil leaves to garnish the dish at the end.


• Dip your chicken breast slices into flour, salt, and pepper coating shake off the excess, and then transfer it to a plate don’t stack them they will adhere to one another. • Now take a heavy bottom pan and melt the butter in olive oil on medium flame. • Now fry the chicken in the heated oil and wait until it turns brown from both sides, then transfer it to a plate cover it, and set aside. • Saute the Garlic for a minute until it turns into light gold then add chicken stock and mix it up with the help of any wooden spatula. • Add the heavy cream and Parmesan cheese to the pan. Allow your sauce to boil gently and keep mixing it so that it doesn’t stick on the bottom for this whole process you need medium flame heat. • Once your sauce starts thickening add chili flakes, thyme, and oregano. • Add sundried tomatoes in your sauce with fried chicken pieces let all the mixture sit together in the sauce for a few minutes. • Your Marry Me Chicken is ready! Garnish it with fresh basil leaves and serve it warm pasta or rice.


You can serve your Marry Me Chicken with butter pasta or Brown rice. Most people prefer it with simple Pasta as the sauce is already in Chicken so it tastes so yummy with pasta. You can also serve it with mashed potatoes or even Garlic Bread. For low-carb meals serve it with sauted vegetables. This is a keto meal Marry Me Chicken is low in carbs and this meal contains 5 grams of net carbs.

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