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How to Stop Hair Fall

Hair fall is a rising concern all around the globe. Our hectic routines and lack of self-care have led us to face such issues. You get hair fall due to tension and then you get tension due to hair fall. Eventually, this cycle lasts forever. But there is a solution to every problem. And we are here with these solutions. For thorough information and effective solutions, keep reading.

How do you get if you are having hair fall?

You get to see more hair fall daily and even come off by just touching your hair. Finding hair on pillows and towels after taking a shower is also a sign of hair fall. You are getting bald patches and receding hairline. Your hair may even get thinner day by day. These are all the signs of hair fall, and you should start taking care of your hair. You can also make an appointment with a dermatologist to find the proper cause and treatment for your hair fall.

Causes of Hair Fall

There are so many causes of hair fall. Some of them are:


Age is the major factor in hair loss. Both men and women start losing hair after a certain age. This is because the hormone levels are falling, and the body is becoming weak.


The other cause is heredity. Genes play an important role in determining your looks, height, and hair. The thickness, volume, and length of your hair depend on the genes you carry from your ancestors.


Hormones also contribute to hair growth. Hormone imbalances like in thyroid diseases, will affect your hair too. Testosterone is the other major hormone that plays a part in hair growth and hair fall.


Radiation also affects your hair badly. If you are getting chemotherapy, hair fall increases. In the same way, if you are more exposed to UV rays, the chances of hair falling increase.


You are more prone to hair fall If you are not maintaining your health and diet. Smoking is also a cause of hair fall.

Sensitive skin

You should be more concerned about hair fall if you have sensitive or reactive skin. You have to pay more attention to choosing products to use and handling your hair.

Low Protein Diet

A diet not rich in protein is also a cause of hair fall. Your hair gets fewer proteins becoming weaker, eventually causing more hair fall.

Vitamin and mineral deficiency

Vitamins are an integral part of hair growth. Vitamin B is considered the most important one like biotin, folic acid, and B12. Zinc and iron deficiency can also lead to hair fall.

Medical Conditions

There are many medical conditions that cause hair fall like Alopecia and Male pattern baldness. Many conditions in women like PCOS and Menopause also result in hair fall.

Prevention and Cure

There is no need to worry because we also come up with cures. There are many remedies and preventions for better hair health and to cure hair fall.

Hair Care

Start with a proper hair care routine. Make the hair dandruff-free to stop itching and redness of the scalp. Scalp care is important for hair follicles and hair growth. Keep your hair and scalp clean and sebum-free. Regularly brush your hair. Avoid being harsh with your hair and handle it with care.


As said earlier. diet plays an important part in hair growth. You should take a protein-rich diet like fish, nuts, eggs, fruits, and green vegetables. Also, make calcium and zinc part of your routine.


We are lacking in nutrition because of not taking regular and healthy diets. So, you should take supplements to overcome this nutrition deficiency. Multi-vitamins, Biotin, Surbex-Z, and calcium are commonly used for vitamin and iron deficiencies.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

It is the age of fashion and many advancements in hair products are seen. Coloring and bleaching hair is one of them. Try to avoid them or use medicated products available in the market. Also, avoid hair-heating tools that directly damage your hair. Make gentle hairstyles to prevent hair fall.

Avoid stress

Mental health also affects physical health. Stress causes changes in hormonal levels and makes the hair weaker. So, you should try walking and exercising daily for better mental health. Avoid stress by making yourself busy with other mental and physical activities.


Try different oils and choose the one that affects your hair in the best way. Many oils are available in the market like coconut oil and rosemary oil. Onion oil is considered best for hair growth but don’t use it more than twice a week.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Use a mild shampoo that is not harsh on your scalp. Sulphate-free shampoo is better for reducing hair fall. You can use many other medicated shampoos for hair fall. Also, use conditioner after using shampoo to make the hair tangle-free.


There are many remedies for hair fall. They are cheaper than the market products and give excellent results if used regularly. Natural products like aloe vera gel, onion water, amla and Methi dana, and egg hair masks cause the regrowth of hair.

Tips to Prevent Hair Fall

You should be gentle with your hair. Here are some more tips to reduce hair fall and make your hair look better:

1)     Use brushes with soft bristles to detangle your hair.

2)     Start brushing or detangling hair from the lower end and then move towards the scalp.

3)     Use serums and gels before straightening your hair or using any other heating tools.

4)     Take a voluminous haircut to add fullness.

5)     Must trim split ends every month.

6)     Shampoo your hair twice while washing to clean your hair properly.

7)     Air dry your hair and don’t rub it hard with a towel.

8)     Don’t comb wet hair and let it dry at least 80 percent before combing.

Solution for hair fall

You must consult a dermatologist If you are undergoing some medical condition and none of the hair care routines and remedies are working for you. They will do some tests to identify your condition and help you with a better solution. There are some medical treatments that can help you with your condition but must be done by professionals such as Hair transplant, PRP, and micro-needling. 

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