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Cat Eye Nails Design

It is the fashion era, and many different fashions are trending. Everyone should keep them up to date with new fashions and what's the harm in trying new and unique ones? Nails are part of the body and help in beautifying hands and overall look. Different nail cuts, styles, and patterns are trending and the one we are discussing now is cat eye nail design. All you must know about cat eye nails is discussed in this article, so keep reading.

The first question that comes to mind is what are cat eye nails? Simply, the nail pattern or design resembles cat eyes with glitter and a mesmerizing look. Sounds amazing? It is. If you have seen the cat's eyes. They are of different colors with diagonal lines cutting them in half. This diagonal cut gives their eyes that mesmerizing and beautiful look. And at night you can see the shine and glitter radiating through the cat’s eye. This was the basic idea for cat eye nails. To make the nails look amazing by giving them diagonal patterns and glitters. 

Nail cuts and shapes

There are a lot of nail shapes like round, oval, almond, square, ballerina, squoval, coffins, and many more. You should cut nails according to your hand shape. Different cuts look beautiful on different hand shapes. Long nails are always in fashion. Some cuts like oval and almond suit everyone. Squoval is the natural shape of nail growth and is easy to manage. Pointed nails are difficult to handle and take care of. 

Patterns and designs

Nail designs keep changing according to fashion. Some of the famous nail designs are French tips, golden stripes, rainbow nails, velvet nails, and many more. You can make your patterns according to your choice. Play with colors and patterns to make new statements. Nail paints are available in wide ranges differing in colors and textures. Make your combinations to nail them. 

How to do cat eye nail designs?

Cat eye nails can easily be painted at home with little practice. You must give a metallic effect to nails. It is also known as magnetic art because the magnet is used to give a cat-eye look. Metallic paints are available in the market and reached easily or you can order them from online stores. There comes a small magnet with nail paints. You must polish your nails first and apply at least 2 to 3 coats for better finishing. Then hold the magnet at keep it as near to the nail paint as possible without touching the nail surface. The nail paint has iron particles that are attracted towards the magnet. Holding the magnet, causes the iron particles to come to the surface making patterns for a cat eye look. You can rotate the magnet in which direction you want to create diagonal lines. These diagonal lines will give the mirror-like effect for an alluring look. Try to apply the base color first before painting the nails. Hold it for some seconds and then apply the final coat for perfect finishing.

You can also watch short videos for better understanding. Also, try new ideas to make them unique and attractive. Apply glitter and shine for a more amazing look. You will “’ nail” it with practice. 

Tiger cat eye nails

Tiger cat eye nails are the same as the cat eye nails. You must apply gel polish at the base and then the metallic nail paint with a magnet on top. Tiger eye nail is created by regular diagonal patterns, glowing lines, and giving a mirage effect to nails.

Velvet cat eye nails

Velvet nails are also metallic paint without a mirror effect and glittery lines. To make the velvet cat eye nails, you must make velvet nails first. Then apply the metallic coat again, creating mirror effects with a magnet. This will give a breathtaking look to your nails. 

Cost of cat eye nails

The most frequently asked question is how much do cat eye nails cost? Actually saying, cat eye nails will cost you more than regular nail paints. So, it’s a suggestion to buy your own metallic paints, gels, and magnets if you are going to create this more often. Otherwise, nail salons are the best option if you want a more perfect look for an event. Alluraz can provide you with the best services at your own ease. You must remember, beauty costs more. 

Color combos for cat eye nails

You don’t have to go with the flow and use the same designs as others. Here we are listing some beautiful color combos you can try for cat eye nails:

Nude Colors

Nude colors are always in trend and can be worn in daily routine. Making the cat eye nails with nude colors and undertones is the minimalistic approach for day events. Nude matte nail paints are available in a wide variety and you can choose the color of your choice. These matte shades with mirror effects look classy.

Deep Hues

These colors are for you if you love drama. Night function and wanting melo-dramatic look is all you need to rock the event. Deep hues like the ocean, dark purple, bright yellow, chocolate maroon, burgundy, and violet-blue are enough to add a wow factor to your image. 


Who doesn’t love the glitter? Glitters add shine and glow to any look. You can use glitter to add the mirror effect in any cat eye nail design. The glowing line has all the essence of the cat eye, and you get it by using glitters in the final look. Glitters give a more finished appearance to rock. 

Rainbow Tints

If you can't decide the color to paint cat eyes, rainbow shades are for you. Choose all colors of your choice and paint all fingers differently. Having the same cat eye pattern on all nails will put it all together to give a complete look. Fortunately, we have ten fingers to paint of our choice. You don’t even have to wait for a specific event, but you can carry it well with your daily work routine. 

Golden Shade

All that glitters is not gold but golden shade gives all the glow you need. Mirror effect with metallic paints by using a golden base color is the best thing you can carry today. All the minimalist look with natural shades and dramatic cat eye look is the best combo to live for.

Royal Blue and Green

How can anyone ignore the metallic hues of blue and green? You can't get a better dramatic look other than royal colors. Prussian, navy, indigo, forest, Cyprus, and Eden green are some dark shades in nail paints that give cat eye designs all the royal look you need. And looking at them will make you remember all the royal gems

Finally, you must take off the nail paint to clean your nails. Use the best nail polish remover that leaves nails with shine and does not make them look rough. Proper nail care routine, regularly cutting and shaping them will make them look more lovely even paint. 

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