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Women in Islam Book

Quran sayings about women, greatest women in Islam, role of Women in Islamic history.

Women's rights in Islam are diverse and it is a topic that is considered to be complex having so many sides. Muslim women have played a significant role in the history of Islam. Some of the key points are given below


The teachings of Islam suggest that women and men are equal when it comes to faith as well as their devotion to Allah. In short, Islam has given both women and men equal status regarding their spiritual worth.


Islamic teachings promote the pursuit of knowledge and education for both genders. Our prophet (PBUH) emphasized the importance of gaining knowledge on several occasions. There is no doubt that Muslim women have played a vital role in many fields of education throughout history.

Dress Code:

In many Muslim cultures, the dress code for women is often associated with modesty. However, there are different definitions and interpretations of hijab and modesty for women in different cultures within the Muslim community. This is considered to be the fundamental right of women in Islam to let them cover their bodies (modest clothing) according to their own will and according to the teachings of their religion.

Property and Work:

Islam gives the Muslim women right to own property, engage in any sort of business, and do any sort of job to earn in a halal manner. Besides this according to the rules and regulations of Islam money and property owned by Muslim women is their own and their husbands have no right to use their belongings. Neither are they obliged to fulfill the needs of their family members.

Rights of Women:

When it comes to the legal rights of women Islamic law named Sharia provides many rights as well as protections in order to support women. But definitely, the implementation of such policies and laws is not the same in different Islamic countries. This is because of the cultural variations within the Islamic community all over the world.

Political participation:

Women have played a vital role in leadership if we look at the history of Islam. However, the extent to which women are allowed to participate in politics actually varies from country to country depending upon the cultural limitations.

Muslim scholars are trying their level best to implement the laws and teachings of Islam in different aspects of society, especially regarding the rights of women because even in this modern era women are suppressed due to gender inequality in many Muslim-majority countries. Islam has given plenty of rights to women but the interpretations can vary influenced by multiple factors like social, cultural, and political. Still, Muslims are working hard to make reforms with respect to women’s rights but within the boundaries and teachings that are given by the laws of Islam. 

Quran and Women's Rights:

The Quran is the holy scripture of Muslims. There are several verses related to the rights of women their status and their role in society. The interpretation of all such verses is not the same by all Islamic scholars. Some of the key principles in the Quran related to the rights of women are given below:

· Surah Al-Ahzab states that “men and women who are obedient and believe will enter Paradise” (33:35).

· Surah An-Nur contains various verses regarding the dress code and modesty. All those verses emphasize both Muslim males and females to possess modesty in their attire. Verses from Surah An-Nur are cited whenever there is a discussion related to the hijab of Muslim women.

· Suran An-Nisa especially emphasizes the importance of consent from both males and females when it comes to marriage. According to the Quran, marriage is a partnership. The Quran highlights that love and respect must be equally reciprocated between husband and wife in the institute of marriage.

· Surah An-Nisa also highlights the laws of inheritance. In order to provide full protection to women in the financial aspect as well. In this surah, there are also several verses that focus on the rights of wives, female relatives, and daughters.

· According to the saying of the Prophet (PBUH) “seeking knowledge is mandatory for every Muslim (both men and women)”.

· The Quran also condemns all acts of abuse and violence against women.

· Surah Al-Baqarah contains verses that highlight the issue of testimony. It states that “two females should be considered as witnesses in cases which involve financial transactions and legal matters”. This particular verse is stated and interpreted in several different ways by Muslim scholars of different cultures within the Islamic community. 

Greatest women in Islam

Maryum (AS) is considered to be the greatest woman in Islam of all time in the light of the Quran. Some of the major reasons are given below:

Mother of Prophet Isa (PBUH):

She was the mother of a highly esteemed messenger and prophet of Allah. Her significant importance is due to the fact that she gave birth to a very important messenger and this is the basic reason for her elevated status.

Miraculous Birth:

In the light of the Quran the birth of Isa (PBUP) was a miracle even the pregnancy of Maryum (AS) is considered to be one of the biggest miracles in Islamic history. Prophet Isa (PBUH) spoke on behalf of his mother when he was only an infant in order to defend his mother.

Pious lady:

Maryum (AS) is described to be a role model for Muslim women due to their devotion, piety, and righteousness. She is considered to be a lady who actually devoted herself to prayer and worship of one God.

Modesty and Chastity:

Maryum (AS) is considered to be the symbol of modesty in Islam. The whole life of Maryum (AS) is an example for Muslim women, especially in present times. 

Respect given by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

He (PBUH) spoke highly about Maryum (AS) in his hadiths. According to him (PBUH) Maryum (AS) was among the top 4 greatest women in Islam. The other three include His (PBUH) first wife Khadija (RA), the wife of the pharaoh (Asia), and His (PBUH) daughter Fatima (RA).

The story of Maryum (AS) is considered a huge sign of Allah’s power, as He can provide for his creations in unimaginable ways. It also enhances the belief of Muslims in divine miracles. The story of Maryum (AS) is a source of motivation for all Muslim women to live a life full of piety and righteousness.


اے خاصہ خاصان رسل وقت دعا ہے

اے خاصہ خاصان رسل وقت دعا ہے

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