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End of Year

The nature has bestowed our habitat Earth, with four seasons; spring, summer, Autumn, Winter, and all of them have its own colours, sounds and vibes. Many human civilization used seasons before arriving at the Gregorian calendar for yearly calculations. Many countries even today use the season calendar. We are now in end of February which is end of old year and beginning of new year. This write up is about the end of year which is also end of winter.

End of Year

All the days of the past year have prepared us for the new beginning as tomorrow can be a fresh new travel to a brighter horizon. Therefore, let's close the chapter of last year with a smile and reflect upon the rich experience gained through out the last year and make a new resolution for the next four seasons of a new year. 

The human race has gone through various cycles before making society and forming civilization. However, as the major part of humans have lived around rivers and remained dependent upon land for sustenance. Therefore, seasons were used for the calculation of the years and months were named based upon seasonal climatic conditions. The end of year has been winters and spring was the beginning of new year. The "Nowruz" from Iranian Civilization and "Baisakhi" from Indian Civilization are well known seasonal festivals. 

Where I live, the end of winter is celebrated… almost as if you have survived an epic battle. Every year it’s the same. And it doesn’t really matter whether we had an ‘easy’ winter or a ‘brutal’ winter. The feelings are always there — relief, joy, expectation. 

A season is a division of the year based on changes in weather, ecology, and the number of daylight hours in a given region. As we know, Seasons are largely due to factors surrounding Earth's tilted axis as it revolves around the sun. There are four seasons distinguished by special climate conditions. The four seasons—spring, summer, fall, and winter—follow one another regularly.

There are seasons in nature for a reason. Even though we may not think of winter as having a purpose, every living thing needs a quiet time to rest and renew its inner energy.

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: If we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”..... 

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”......

“…I hear the sounds of melting snow outside my window every night and with the first faint scent of spring, I remember life exists…”

― John Geddes, A Familiar Rain

“Following dark winter’s strife, a warm air rises, teemed with life. Birth, rebirth, as the waiting die. Old love, new love sprouts wings to fly.”― Phar West Nagle

The month of February is the end of Winters. During winter's dark shadow, nature puts on a spectacular show for one who dares to brave the cold. The stillness of the frozen air heightens the human senses to absorb the beauty of nature at display. The end of year wrt the seasons creates new beauty and signals a new beginning. The end of winter marks the arrival of Spring Season.  

The end of February also marks the Spring Equinox, when Northern hemisphere begins to warm significantly, causing new plant growth to "spring forth", giving the season its name. Any snow begins to melt, swelling streams with runoff and any frosts become less severe. Spring is the season and the time of year when most plants that had been dormant over the fall and winter finally began to grow again, or spring from the earth.

“And all about, the softening air

Of new-born sweetness tells,

And the ungathered Mayflowers wear

The tint of ocean shells.

The old, assuring miracle:

is fresh as heretofore:

And earth takes up its parable of life from death once more.”

― John Greenleaf Whittier

آج دھوپ نکلی ہے

کھڑکیوں کے چاروں اور

ان گنت زمانوں کی

دھند آ کے لپٹی تھی

اور گلی کے سب منظر 

خامشی میں ڈوبے تھے

میرے گھر کے روزن سے

تیرے گھر کی چلمن تک

برف کی چٹانیں تھیں

منجمد فصیلیں تھیں 

برف پوش بیلیں تھیں

برف زار جھیلیں تھیں

سانس برف جیسی تھی

آنکھ برف جیسی تھی

رات برف جیسی تھی

تم بڑے دنوں کے بعد 

آج چھت پہ آئی ہو

آج برف پگھلی ہے 

آج دھوپ نکلی ہے

اشرف یوسفی

This write up has been compiled with the help of material available freely on web net from various sources.

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