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Discover the Magic of Manicures Near You - Beauty Is Nail Deep

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Since the 1930s, Hollywood actresses have brought pizzazz to our pop culture with French manicures. Do you want those pizzazz-creating French manicure ideas? It is the comfort food for your nails that rejuvenates the nail beds and cuticles, adding a fresh look to your style. 

Dry weather can crack nails and harm the skin underneath; regular care means hydration, cuticle love and a beautiful look that dazzles every day. Looking for French manicure ideas for versatility, professionalism and an upgraded look? Look for manicure places near you on Alluraz, to find some fantastic deals!

What Are French Manicures?

Like French fries, these manicures weren’t made in France; however, this nail trend has a Parisian descent. For over a hundred years, French manicures have been favoured by women who want to look chic. In 2023, it remains the most popular fashion trend all over the globe. So, what are French manicures?

They accentuate the original colours of your fingernail and the nail bed to highlight the contrasting elegance of these natural tones. The superb, glossy finish makes French manicure ideas trendy for dressy occasions and appropriate for daily engagements. All kinds of colourful dresses can match this nail style without looking unseemly. It's the perfect match for bridal attire due to a French manicure's natural, earthy tones.

Let’s Mix Up The French Manicure

Do you want to expand on the traditionality of a French manicure? Go for the Russian manicure for a cleaner, dry look or get the gel manicure with its high-gloss finish. You can even spice it up with bold colours for your nails or perhaps add something sparkly for a dazzling nail bed. Many nail salons go as far as changing your nail shape or adding some tasteful nail art to your French tips.

If I have hyped you enough for a nail salon booking, trust Alluraz to book a unique nail care experience in Islamabad and Lahore. Type in “manicure and pedicure near me,” and find the best nail experience for glowing nails and toes. Yes, your toes can get French tips, too. Get your booking now!

Let's expand on some of these creative French manicure ideas, shall we?

The Russian Manicure

This controversial yet beautiful technique stems from French manicure but with dry drilling. It's controversial because the American Academy of Dermatology believes “cuticles should not be trimmed at their roots or pushed back; otherwise, infections can stem from such practices.” They are right, but it has been all the rage in Russia because of its clean and perfect look. Before you choose Russian manicure as your go-to, ensure your cuticles are in optimum health because dry and flaky nails mean the limited edition base coat cannot be applied to it.

Special Features

  • Dry drilling
  • Zero usage of water
  • Clean, polished look
  • Cuticles are trimmed and drilled to perfection
  • Limited edition base coat
  • Pricey French manicure idea
  • Trendy nail design

The Gel Manicure

Personally, I love the high-gloss finish of this particular French manicure idea extension. It's a more robust option, and for ladies who love DIY and hands-on activities, the gel option can last them a long while. Like a traditional manicure, your nails are trimmed, filed and shaped to perfection. Instead of classic lacquer, the gel nail polish is applied to your nails; however, the gel is locked in place with UV or LED light for long-lasting wear.

Special Features

  • Highly resistant to chipping, wear and tear
  • High-gloss finish
  • Cured with UV or LED lighting
  • No wait for drying; you leave once it is cured
  • 30-60 seconds for curing per fingernail
  • Long-lasting (up to 3 to 4 weeks)
  • Budget-friendly French manicure idea

Three Unique French Manicure Ideas Of 2023

You are out and about, and a salon catches your eye with magical manicures and pedicure ideas that make your mouth water. You enter the salon and find multiple unique French manicure ideas you want to try. Which one would you choose?

Gradient French Manicure

Whether the gradient beautifies each finger or colour-coding each French tip from left to right, the dazzling colours will surely catch anyone’s eye. A fun twist to the classic French manicure that glistens during summer.

Square French Tips

Square nails were all the fashion in the early 2000s. Well, guess what? They have made a comeback. Get your favourite nude French tip design on a square-shaped nail and set yourself apart.

Neon French Tips

When you are young, looking trendy is all the rage. Green and yellow neon-painted tips in your classic French manicure will never go wrong with any dress or occasion. You can even wear it to work!

Spring Pastels On Your Tips

Get the classic manicure and swap those white tips with pastel spring colours. Your hands will look cute all day, and a catchy headline will not be able to beat you with this banner statement.

Nail Art Finish

Who doesn’t love nail art? What if you could get it on your French tip? Wowza! Now that's the stuff dreams are made of. Get something abstract or leopard-styled nail art on your French tips and show off your new style.

Alluraz: Your One Stop Shop For All Things Beautiful

This beauty web platform is perfect for listing your business and showcasing pocket-friendly beauty deals from Pakistan. When you search for “manicure places near me,” you will find a fantastic list of vendors offering classic French manicures for your pleasure. Alluraz offers:

  1. Special weekend discounts on your favourite beauty trends
  2. Business listings of mani and pedi salons in Pakistan
  3. The best deals in beauty around Lahore and Islamabad
  4. A one-stop shop for all things beauty and trendy

Go to Alluraz and book your elegant gel manicure at a salon near you today!

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