About Us


To become a globally sought-after Web-based Entertainment and Infotainment Platform, thereby facilitating and providing all kinds and shades of News, Views, Opinions, Assessments, Write-Ups, and Schools of Thoughts of all Humans without discrimination and malice towards none.


To create a web-based high-tech and IT-enabled Entertainment and Infotainment Platform, thereby providing a credible and trusted forum for all Humans while covering the Complete Spectrum of News, Views, Opinions, Assessments, Write-Ups, and Schools of Thought. 

About Us

The purpose of the development of Bangbox Online.com is to facilitate a user-friendly web platform and a network of humans & organizations connected through cutting-edge technology for the purposes of Entertainment and Infotainment. 

Bangbox Online.com has been created to facilitate individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions involved in Entertainment and Infotainment. Bangbox Online.com will embed cutting-edge IT tools and e-commerce technology for the provision of the best search results at any given time and location. The IT and Technology tools will expedite the processes involved in the creation and dissemination of content related to Entertainment and Infotainment.

Goals and Objective

  1. ·       Bangbox Online.com will enlist a network of individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions offering their services and products.
  2. ·       Bangbox Online.com will reach out to all concerned interested in Entertainment and Infotainment (end users/customers) and afford them visibility of all the Content Creators, their services, and products. 
  3. ·       In a nutshell, the Complete Spectrum of News, Views, Opinions, Assessments, Write-Ups, and Schools of Thought will be benefitted from an IT-enabled and network-supported environment.
  4. ·       LMSOcean.com will provide direct info and data to its users by using the most advanced and sophisticated methods to ensure the credibility and reliability of the web platform. 

There are some Sub Platforms of Bangbox Online that are:


News.bangboxonline.com is a sub-platform of Bangbox Online that will cover every news aspect. It can be political, national, international, economic, or entertainment. News.bangboxonline.com will be the one that provides authentic and updated news worldwide. It will be both providing both infotainment and entertainment.


Blogs.bangboxonline.com provides the opportunity to everyone to let people know about the world. It helps and gives a chance to every person to let their content play important in the world. It has all kinds of content that will be entertaining and interesting. Blogs.bangboxonline.com will help you to spread your knowledge and scope worldwide.


Fans.bangboxonline.com is a platform that will help content creators to get in touch with their fans. The best platform where content creators meet their audience. Supporters can subscribe and support their favourite creators, and everyone's on a win-win.